Epiphany School Happenings – Spring, 2015

Pre-K News    Wow!  Where did the year go!  We have been very busy finishing up learning all the letters in the alphabet.  Writing each letter and learning their sounds has kept us busy all year.  We enjoyed learning all about Earth Day and cleaning up all the litter in our school yard. With spring coming in slowly, we have been busy making flowers, butterflies, kites and bright cheery pictures to help move the season along!  In music we are getting ready for our Spring Concert.  We love getting on the stage!  Race for Education is just around the corner. Computer class is one of our favorite classes.  We all cannot wait to help raise money to make it even better!  At the end of May, we will be having our End-of-the-Year Program.  Several of our students will be graduating and will wear caps and gowns!  It all is very exciting.

Kindergarten News  Our Kindergarteners have had an amazing year.  We have enjoyed watching them grow and mature.  They have all become amazing readers and writers.  They are enjoying taking time to write creative stories.  Our end of the year is a busy one for them.  We are getting ready to pamper our moms and turn our room into a spa.  In between pampering, they are very busy practicing to put on our Kindergarten play.  They definitely have some talents that will be exciting to watch on stage.  Please come and watch our Kindergarten finale as they perform “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Little Quack.”

First Grade News  The first graders have been busy strengthening their reading and writing skills as they embraced creative writing.  In March they learned about Alexander Graham Bell as they traced the evolution of the telephone from its simple beginning to today’s technology. They also thought about the children in Capistrano who celebrated the return of the swallows on the Feast of St. Joseph.  The early spring also found them engaging in many Lenten and Easter activities.  Presently they are working hard getting ready for the First Grade Mother’s Day Tea.  It is a great day to celebrate moms in prayer, play and party.  On Ascension Thursday they will join the second graders for a special Liturgy to celebrate the First Communion Class, thank all of our school volunteers and participate in the May Crowing.  They will end out the year with a three week “Ice Cream” reading adventure.  All their hard work will be rewarded by a trip to “Bethie’s Place”.

Second Grade News   Second grade had a very successful Inventors’ Museum during Catholic School’s Week.  Our classroom was completely transformed.  The students became tour guides to walk each guest through our room to see all the famous inventions that we learned about at Benjamin Franklin’s birthday party.  Our guest book was signed by all who visited, leaving nice thoughts about our museum.

In March, we enjoyed a “Relax and Read Day” to celebrate the great behavior choices we had been making.  We got rid of desks for the day and relaxed on the floor with sleeping bags and pillows.  We shared a favorite book and even read to kindergarten.  It was a fun and relaxing day!

Recently we participated in the “Science Night” activities by doing an experiment of our own with seeds.  We put one big display board together but also made mini boards for each of us to have as our own.  We enjoyed learning about the scientific method and discovering that seeds can grow with only water.

We are looking forward to our First Holy Communion. That will be followed by the Ascension Thursday Mass where we will get to receive communion for the first time with the whole school.  Finally, we are looking forward to moving on to third grade.  We’ve been writing everything in cursive which makes us feel a little more grown up and ready to make the move up to the next grade!

Third grade News  The third and fourth grade classes did a fantastic job leading Mass on April 16!  Nice work!  Their growth and maturity really shows in this role.  This year for the first time, the third grade participated in the Science Fair.  They chose to investigate what makes candy coatings dissolve and which paper makes the best paper airplane.  As always the third graders were creative, precise and thorough.  Great job!  All nine students qualified for either all of or part of a Multiplication Mastery Movie reward based on their fluency of math facts. Currently we are working on a continent project.  In math the students are learning about fractions and I will be introducing geometry before the end of the school year.  We are excited about the upcoming spring music program, Race for Education, Fun and Field Day and the many end-of-year celebrations and activities!

Fourth Grade News    Our Wegman’s tour was awesome.  We learned to make healthy food choices and sampled some tasty and exotic foods.  We had fun wandering through the store on a scavenger hunt and even had lunch in the Wegman’s Café.  Next we are off to the Browntown Schoolhouse  in Corning, NY, where we will participate in a living history program.  The students will participate in period lessons and daily routines experienced by turn-of-the-century students.  We will also see a cooking, life as a farmer and blacksmith demonstration all while dressed in period costumes!  We are getting ready for our National Park presentations.  We have been working hard and look forward to giving our Power Points presentations to the parents.  We will finish the school year by helping Mrs. Walck sell lemonade to raise money for childhood cancers on Fun & Field Day.

Fifth Grade News    The fifth grade has been busy as we wind down for the end of the year.  We graduated from D.A.R.E. and had an amazing experience listening to a county jail inmate speak of her poor choices in life.  In math we are preparing for the Diocesan Math Test by reviewing and practicing skills learned throughout the year.  In reading we have just completed our last book report for the year—a historical fiction.   In addition, we have finished our last read aloud—The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  The children are also working on the final touches of the their Powerpoint presentations on an unique animal to present to families.  Our last fifth grade event will be a field trip to Café Too Restaurant and Engelbert Farms.

Sixth Grade News   In History class, the 6th grade is finishing the units on the Middle East: Past and Present.   Some of the activities the students look forward to are creating individual papier-mâche sarcophagi that “resemble” Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s burial sarcophagus and designing clay cartouches using Egyptian hieroglyphics to write their names.

Literature finds the students completing novels and comparing and contrasting books to the movie versions. This leads to discussions about why movie versions are sometimes different than the book.  Is different always better?  As always, Literature finds the students stretching their imaginations, vocabulary and writing skills with various creative writing topics from the joys of eating a doughnut to becoming an inanimate object during the study on personification.

Believing in God’s Divine Providence has been the topic of The Story of Joseph, his coat of many colors, and having 11 brothers.   The culminating project for this Religion unit will be to create a flip book telling the story of Joseph’s life.

The Art lessons have been focusing on using perspective and how to shade with charcoal pencils.  Also the students learned how to use Chinese water color brushes.  With this tool they created water color paintings of two traditional Chinese art themes: orchids and Siamese cats.