Cafeteria & Recess Information


At Epiphany School, the health and safety of our students is a top priority. As a result, we have policies in place to protect our students with food allergies. Students MAY NOT share food. The Cafeteria has a designated peanut and nut free table for students with nut allergies. All students leaving the cafeteria must use a cleaning wipe to remove any nut residue from their hands. Wipes are provided by our school.  We have some students with allergies that may require an inhaler or epi-pen. These are kept in the school office unless a student requires to keep it with them at all times. A list of students will allergies is kept in the Cafeteria for teacher and volunteer reference. For more information, please see the MAIN Office.   


All students at Epiphany School bring a packed lunch. Two microwaves are available for warming lunches. There is NO sharing of food. 


  1. Talk softly
  2. Remain seated – students raise hand for help opening lunch items and to ask to use the restrooms.  Sr. Kathleen or the teacher on duty will let the students know when they can come up for ice cream/ candy bar and when it’s time to clean up.  Students are allowed to be up to get milk and have food warmed in microwave.  
  3. Eat your own food – All students clean their own area and throw away their own trash.  Note to Volunteers: It is not necessary to bring the trash can to students.
  4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  5. Respect teachers and parent volunteers
  6. Dismiss one table at a time – Sr. Kathleen or the teacher on duty will let students know when to line up 

Forgotten Lunch Policy

If a child forgets lunch, he/she may purchase:

Cereal $2.00
Milk .65
Soup $2.00
Mac ‘n Cheese $2.00

Please send the money in the next school day. Thank you!

Snack and Dessert Options

Students may purchase snacks and desserts at the cafeteria counter. Students must eat their lunch before purchasing ice cream or candy. 

Chips .75
Milk .65
Popsicle or Ice Cream .75 (available M, T, TH, F)
Gertrude Hawk Candy Bars $1.00 (available Wednesdays only)

Hot Dog and Pizza Lunch Days

Periodically throughout the year, our school will host Hog Dog Lunch and Pizza Lunch days. Students MUST pre-order their lunch for these days. Classroom teachers will send home order forms for you to return. Please return your child’s form and lunch money to your child’s classroom teacher. 


Indoor recess (For rain or below 32 degree temperatures)

  • Students sit and play in the gym. They may bring toys, games, and drawing materials from their classrooms. Note to Volunteers: There is a diagram on cafeteria door that shows designated areas in gym for each grade. 

 Outdoor recess

  • Designated areas:
    • Grades KG -3 play in front yard (along Stevenson St.)
    • Grades 4-6 have the choice to play in side yard (along Toolan Lane) or front yard
  • Students may bring out balls, jump ropes, and other outdoor toys. Students are responsible for any items they bring from home. 
  • Students must wear appropriate outdoor clothing. 

Playground rules:

  1. Remain on school grounds
  2. Play non-contact sports/games
  3. Leave all sticks, stones, and dirt on the ground
  4. Show kindness in words and actions
  5. Do not hit, push or threaten others 
  6. Line up when bell rings

Playground Discipline

  • Volunteers may give a verbal warning to students breaking playground rules. Please let the teacher on duty know of any issues the day they occur.   The teachers have a checklist to keep track and a list of consequences for breaking rules. 

In case there is an emergency, the teacher on lunch and recess duty has a walkie talkie. A list of all rules and emergency procedures is available in the cafeteria and the teacher on duty recess bag. Volunteers are asked to be familiar with emergency procedures. 

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