Out-of-Uniform  days are an occasional privilege.  Like all privileges, their beneficial effects can be forfeited because of the irresponsibility of a few.  Out-of-Uniform days are times to enjoy a change of pace or a reward for a job well done.  Out-of-Uniform means a relaxed attitude toward dress which does not result in extremes.

Clothes worn on Out-of-Uniform days must be modest in all circumstances (no low cut or sleeveless tops) and may include jeans (no holes, patches or rips), casual shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts (no improper words or pictures), sweatpants, shorts (knee length), or sports related clothing.  Both boys and girls should wear shoes and socks or sandals.  No flip-flops are allowed.

Violators will be sent home to change and will lose the privilege of being Out-of-Uniform.

Note:  The Principal reserves the right to determine what is appropriate for the Out-of-Uniform Days.