Purpose and Objectives:

Recognizing that education is a joint responsibility of both teachers and parents, the Parent Teacher Association attempts to foster genuine communication between the two for mutual understanding and more effective education.


  1. To provide a forum in which parents can express their values.
  2. To interest public sentiment in the welfare of the school.
  3. To organize parents in an effort to raise funds each year for the school.
  4. To inform the members of school and PTG activities through a monthly newsletter.


Anyone who is interested in the purposes of this organization is eligible for membership.  However, only parents or guardians of Epiphany School children are eligible for holding office or voting in this organization.  Epiphany School teachers are eligible to vote.



The term of office shall be one year.  An officer may succeed himself or herself once.


  • preside at the PTG Meetings and at the Executive Board Meetings.
  • appoint the chairman and members of the committees with the approval of the Executive Board.

Vice President:

  • In the absence of the President, perform all duties of the President.


  • Keep all the minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board
  • Maintain a roster of all members
  • Notify members of their appointments on committees.


  • Receive all money and make all payments ordered by the organization. (The Principal is the only one permitted to sign checks for the organization.)
  • Keep and render an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements.