On Wednesday, May 11th, Epiphany School had it 13th Race for Education to raise funds to complete needed work on the server in the computer room, to purchase iPads for classroom use, and to buy desktop computers for each classroom.  A total of 2,742 LAPS around Epiphany School were completed either by walking or jogging.  The support of sponsors including family, friends, parishioners of Epiphany Parish and members of the community netted $14,000.00.  We are most grateful for the overwhelming support.  Pictured are the students who completed the most LAPS for their grade level.

 RACE Most Laps 2016


First Row:  Kellum Cushina-Leonard, Christopher Malos, Grace Howey, Aeden Marrero, Lucas Persun

Second Row:  Andrew Van Allen, Tyler Roe, Leo Villanti, Noemi Marrero

Third Row:  Sr. Kathleen Kelly, Principal, Madison, Villanti, Bryce Mashas, Keegan Rude, Emily Sutryk, Karter Rude, Fr. Andrew Hvozdovic, Pastor





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