This years Race for Education has brought in over $13,000 for our Technology Program.  Donations are still coming in. 

The students ran a total of 1,414 laps which is over 350 miles on Wednesday May 9th.

This years top lap runners by class are:

Pre-K Madeline Lincoln and Jackson McElhaney with 25 Laps,  Kindergarten:  Nico Rossettie with 27 Laps,  First Grade:  Walter Foley with 26 Laps,

Second Grade:  Ty Owen with 27 Laps, Third Grade:  Matthew Rossettie with 27 Laps, Fourth Grade:  Lucas Persun with 42 Laps,

Fifth Grade:  Leo Villanti with 34 Laps,  Sixth Grade: Evan Cooper and Elizabeth Shaw with 24 Laps

The Most Laps for the School went to…..Lucas Persun with 42 Laps.




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