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Epiphany School is blessed with many dedicated parents and grandparents. They willingly volunteer to enhance the quality of the education at Epiphany and to improve the students’ enjoyment of the educational experience. While volunteering takes time and effort, it is also a rewarding experience. Volunteers see the direct results of their efforts in the faces of the students at the school, as well as in their achievements.

Parents are invited to share their talents and interests at Epiphany School.

Types of volunteering opportunities that contribute to the family-oriented education provided at Epiphany include:

  • School committee members
  • Fundraiser volunteers
  • Homeroom parents
  • Cafeteria/Playground Supervision
  • Club coordinators – STREAM Clubs
  • Special Events Volunteer
    • Grandparent’s Day
    • Hour of Code
    • Father Daughter Dance 
    • Race for Education
    • Fun and Field Day
  • Library volunteers
  • Office workers
  • Parade float
  • Guest Speakers

Parents and grandparents can also earn a Tuition Discount through their volunteer hours.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, families must perform 15 hours of volunteer service in addition to selling 15 Lotto calendars. Families will receive a $500 Tuition Discount for completing 15 volunteer hours and selling 15 Lotto calendars. They will receive a $1000 Tuition Discount for completing 15 volunteer hours and selling 30 Lotto Calendars. 

Link to our volunteer form: Volunteer Form

Please note: All Epiphany School Volunteers must complete their background check, finger printing, and VIRTUS training. For more information, please visit the Volunteer Information Page or the Epiphany School Office.